Services provided by the internet through websites made all of our lives easy. We could conveniently pay our bills, shop our favourite brands, reserve hotel rooms online and we can even land a job online. This is equally true in all places here on earth. Boundaries and other forms of limitations are buried in the past and almost all types of information could be searched and accessed instantaneously. Everything for us is so much easier. 


However, this is also true with crime. Our capability to navigate the various online locations could actually become two-side, that is, there still vulnerabilities we associate ourselves into especially when accessing an untrusted website. This is more popularly known as scams.  

Scams are some sort of attack by criminals which necessarily use malicious software that gets essential information such as your name, your credit card numbers, you e-mail accounts and other related data that might be used against us especially when associated in the wrong hands.  

In order to avoid these kinds of malwares and scams, here are the most common scams found on the web and how to avoid encountering it: 

  • Phishing E-mail Scams 

This scam is very much common in messages sent to your email account or social media accounts. These criminals will send you personal messages to these accounts, telling you to provide your login information in various accounts such as credit cards, bank accounts, cloud storage and other important data that could be very valuable to them. Criminals behind this particular kind of scam use a special type of narrative that might persuade you to visit the link controlled by them and send login access to these pages, giving them the important personal details that might be used against the user.  

  • Nigerian Scam 

This is one of the oldest and mostly used scams by criminals in order to trick online citizens. The mechanism of this particular scam is very simple- the criminal will send you some sort of emotional email in letter form in your social media or email accounts which could come from a fake name of a businessman, a wealthy family member or other related personalities, and ask you to give help in retrieving a wealth. In exchange of the small amount you are going to give as a form of help, it will be exchanged by a large sum of money as compensation.  However, this is just the introductory part of the scam as the criminals will ask for more money in the face of transfer costs, additional services and other related lies.  

  • Credit Card Scams 

This scam could easily let you easily fall into the bate, especially when you are someone who is experiencing difficult times in terms of financial aspect. These scams include bank offers that could guarantee you big amount of money that is already approved by a particular bank. It could also be in a form of large sum of loan that is approved by a bank. One could easily fall into this especially when the person really needs money. 

There are actually a lot of scams found on the web such as arbonne scam, and millions of people around the world fall for it. Thus, you need to be extra careful especially when you send money or personal information on the web because anybody could easily become a victim.